Obamapalooza: Obama

Well I watched Obama’s speech. It was okay, nothing inspiring and quite frankly laced with exaggeration but nothing on what Obama would do to “change America” as he loves to say. You can’t get elected saying you should vote for someone because you hate George W. Bush.

Basically all I got out of this speech was big government running your lives is good. Don’t worry about how the programs and tax breaks will be paid for. It’s big brothers job to decide what is important and what is not, not the citizenry.

  • Okay, that stage behind him is just plain dorky. I know some Republicans are mocking it as a temple, but I think it’s just plain tacky looking.
  • Oh yeah, the government should tell you what to do with your life. Socialist idiot.
  • “I and my brothers? Excuse me, sisters.” Freudian slip, Mr Obama?
  • I noticed the crowd didn’t like him saying he would cut taxes for companies. Funny how people think they should get tax cuts but no one else should.
  • 10 years end dependence on oil? LOL! Yeah right. Not happening unless he turns our nation into a communist state.
  • Help US auto companies. Why? They’ve had US federal help for decades and have becoming nothing but bloated carcasses that rebelled against fuel efficient vehicles and deserve to be shoved out of the market by their competitors. Just another tax payers handout to a corporation that Obama claims he is against.
  • Tax breaks for 95%? What about the rest? 5% can’t support 95%. Not possible.
  • Sorry, I don’t think I want a guy who has questionable friendships and associations (Rezko, Wright, Ayres, et al) to be deciding line by line what is important in the federal budget.
  • McCain is not Bush. Come up with something more than schlock.
  • Ah, I see going to play the ageist BS hm? I hope he realizes that discriminatory attitude being touted by some Democrats is equally as bad as racism and sexism.
  • When did our military fall apart? Idiot.
  • New partnerships? Where and with whom? The only ones in the world left are technically our enemies or have no interest in allying with the US in any way, shape, or form.
  • I support the 2nd Amendment but I’m still going to destroy it anyway.
  • I’m going to be weak on illegal immigration.
  • How come some of the crowd (obviously not Obama-zombies) looks bored to tears? I know I am.
  • Thank God the speech is over. Yawn.
  • Now comes the news media love fest.
  • Shock! Local pro-Obama analysts even admitted Obama’s policy of taxing the rich wont work and that it is Congress that had more influence on our country’s woes than the President. Heh.

I can tell I’m going to be hating this BS equally as much during the Republican convention as well.



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