McCain’s VP Pick: Sarah Palin

So McCain broke from the conventional and chose Sarah Palin as his VP running mate. Even I admit, I genuinely expected he was going to select Mitt Romney.

Like many, I had never taken note of the governor of Alaska so I went and did a quick bit a research on her. Overall she appears to be a good pick as VP for McCain, as they seem to mesh well on key issues. I personally am wary of her evangelical leanings and seriously disagree with her on several positions: denying benefits to gay couples and drilling in ANWR among other social and environmental policies. She seems to be something of a reformer in Alaskan government but seems to have a few lapses here and there such as supporting the “Bridge to Nowhere” until the state of Alaska would have to pay for part of the bridge and an on going investigation into whether she may have abused her power.

The funny thing is I’ve seen a lot of Obama supporters blasting her selection particularly latching onto things like inexperience and lack of international exposure. Gee. Sounds familiar, no? I did get some amusement from one blog stating experience gained from running Alaska wasn’t comparable to other states governorships in a poor attempt to dismiss Palin’s short stint as Alaska’s governor. But then that’s how politics works. There will be the cynics who view Palin’s selection as pandering to women and disaffected Clinton supporters and the idealists who will claim it was a brilliant move to show commitment to country over politics. The truth, I suspect, is somewhere in the middle.

All I do know is the presidential race just got very interesting.

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