RNC: Palin’s Speech

I’ve missed other speeches at the RNC so far this week including one I wanted to see: Lieberman. Oh well.

So I was able to watch Sarah Palin’s speech at the RNC tonight. I think she did a pretty good job introducing herself to the nation. She came off as pretty well poised with a bit of soft spoken but determined quality to her words and demeanor. Of course, there were the requisite swipes oft required by VP candidates against their Democratic Party rivals but nothing as biting as I was expecting, in all honesty.

Funny thing for me though is I am voting McCain regardless of who McCain had chosen. There was only one VP candidate that would have pushed me to vote Obama: Mike Huckabee.

The only thing I didn’t like wasn’t even in Palin’s speech, it was a pathetic attempt by some protesters to interrupt the speech. Funny how protesters who claim to be all for freedom of speech are so quick to try and silence and quash the freedoms of others that express a difference in opinion or viewpoint.

So I also decided to cruise the blogosphere to see reactions. No surprise that there were those who loved Palin’s speech and those who hated it, usually divided according to party affiliation. There were the misogynists who think male genitalia is a prerequisite to being a leader and the women who think women can’t lead because of PMS and menopause. And then there were those who thought Palin is perfect for the job precisely because she is a woman. Then the double standards posts. And of course a smattering of posts implying if you don’t vote Obama/Biden, you’re still a racist and if you don’t vote McCain/Palin your a sexist. And so forth and so on. In other words, a wide variety of reactions that had little to do with Palin’s speech or qualities but more to do with people’s personal (and sometimes silly) opinion on culture and societal roles.


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