RNC: McCain’s Speech

I watched McCain’s speech and thought it was pretty good. Not spectacular or anything like that but a strong speech clearly aimed at getting the attention of Independents, undecideds, and perhaps even disaffected Democrats and Republicans alike. It was fairly methodical in pace and tone but I think that may also be somewhat effective and certainly different from the usual empty prose common to so many speeches. I would have preferred hearing more about issues but, it was good as a setup for the forthcoming debates. The end of the speech certainly got the crowd revved up.

Perhaps what I enjoyed most in the speech was Mr. McCain hearkening back to his early years in politics where he encouraged people to get involved in bettering the communities and country. It was words like this, followed by action, that made many Arizonans repeatedly support and elect Mr. McCain over the years. I also hope McCain’s call to return to classic Republicanism won’t fall on deaf ears, but that’s hard to determine given the control of some of the religious right wingers over the party and party platform.

I did get some amusement from the TV news commentators odd obsession with the balloon drops at the end.

Side note: Looks like some protesters got into the convention and tried to disrupt the speech. I didn’t mind the veteran protesters as they were pretty quiet and mostly unobtrusive. The other ones were just lame. I assume they were Code Pinker loonies based on the pink shirts. Free speech is for all sides, not just protesters.

Let the real Presidential campaign begin.


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