News Commentary 08 Sept 2008

Canada’s Conservatives could be headed for big win | International | Reuters Interesting. Didn’t think the Libs were in such trouble in Canada. But then the Green party seems to have imploded up there as well.

McCain, Obama deadlocked in presidential race – I take the shift om the polls as a good sign for McCain/Palin but it’s way too early to say who’ll win the election, especially with the constantly changing economy and world political situation. Also, CNN’s explanation for why their poll is so different from other polls is some what questionable. Given recent problems of bias at NBC and MSNBC I do wonder at CNN’s impartiality. As a side note: I do keep wondering why the Obama supporters are comparing Obama to Palin considering Obama is running against McCain.

Iran calls for oil output cut ahead of OPEC meeting – Just another reason the U.S. needs to get off oil, foreign or otherwise and switch to new resources. The fact that OPEC members, aside from Saudi Arabia, want to keep oil prices at $100/barrel or more should be reason enough to change. Better to change than be bled dry by other nations that would prefer the U.S. be crippled or destroyed anyway.

What the rescue means for borrowers – Sep. 7, 2008 While I understand the reasons for the government deciding to bail Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac out, it rankles me whenever U.S. taxpayers have to pay (and they eventually will) for these companies inability to run themselves. Worse if the fact that it will do little to nothing to end the housing problem in this country.

‘Harry Potter’ author wins copyright claim – Sep. 8, 2008 Not unexpected ruling since Rowling is the creator of the series. The only thing I disliked was Rowling supporting the website when it benefited her and then turned on them. This is her right of course but also a reminder of fans to never trust creators no matter how supportive and friendly they seem unless you have written permission to create derivative work, even those based on fair use. I also seriously doubt she had creative difficulties because of the case as she lamely claims. That’s why I get some amusement at the relative pittance the judge ordered for damages.

Google turns 10, raises monopoly concerns – While it’s good Google has reached a milestone, the company has also become pretty questionable in their behavior (i.e. censorship, China, Chrome, questionable claims of ownership of others creative works, etc.).

Demo: UsableLogin lets you use one password for all sites | Webware : Cool Web apps for everyone – CNET It sounds like it has potential, but I can’t help but wonder whether you really want a single password for everything. The company likes to claim it’s impossible for others to access but I have yet to see a security system a hacker could not crack. Can you say goodbye to all your online information in an instant?

China counts down to third manned space launch | Science | Reuters I notice the Chinese have become somewhat more conservative with their space flight plans.

Kazakhstan accuses Russia over space crash | Science | Reuters Definitely not a good thing to have Russian Proton rockets crashing near industrial centers, especially when the Kazakh president is in the region. Not sure how this going to effect changes Kazakhstan wants made over the use of Baikonur but I’m sure they’re going to demand greater safety and compensation for ecological damage.


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