Russia-Georgia Conflict: Courts and Politics

Russia agrees troops pullout from Georgia: Sarkozy | Reuters Didn’t the Russians already say they had left Georgia proper? Again, I’ll believe it when I see it. And Russia needs to return to the pre-invasion borders, to whit: get out of Georgia and the disputed regions.

Bush administration yanks Russia nuclear pact | Politics | Reuters Perhaps a little punitive action will help Russia mend her ways. Or at least the ways of Medvedev and Putin. Probably not. Russia is under the mistaken notion that military power makes a nation a world power. Even the U.S. and China have realized economics is the true new path to power and influence in the world.

Russia says to send nuclear warship to Caribbean | Politics | Reuters
While some U.S. politicians are having a cow over this, it’s really nothing. If Russia is complaining about 5 NATO ships in the Blacksea, what does that say about their military’s weakness. Let’s be honest, Chavez’s Venezuela is doomed to failure precisely because of his communist policies and basing his country’s resurgence on oil and monetary giveaways to it’s neighbors that can not be sustained. Once the money disappears so to will Venezuela’s new found “friends”. Chavez is also deluded into thinking the U.S. want to invade Venezuela. Besides it is also time for U.S. politicians to start treating Central and South America as partners and equals, not lackeys and servants.

Georgia, Russia in Hague court over conflict | International | Reuters
Not really unexpected. I’ve speculated one of the reasons, though likely minor in comparison to other issues, Russia invaded Georgia was in retaliation for a Georgian claim that was to be filed at the International Court over alleged abuses in Ossetia and Abkhazia. Also given recent news, if true, that Russia has been harassing ethnic Georgians in Russia also raises further questions about the Russian government’s recent bizarre behavior.


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