News Commentary 10 Sept 2010

Government Corruption and Ineptitude News

I think these speak for themselves.

Pentagon hands tanker tangle to next president | Politics | Reuters

Sex, drugs, gifts uncovered in government oil probe –

Assorted News

U.S. accuses Russia of waffling on cease-fire – Like I said before, I’ll believe Russia when they pull back entirely out of Georgia and disputed regions. I also love how the Russian’s or their pet Ossetian allies kill a Georgian politican near a Russian checkpoint but claim they can’t be held responsible. Pathetic Russians. You can’t have it both ways: claim you’re there to maintain order and peace yet allow murders and obstruct investigations into murders.

Men’s support gives Palin edge in latest poll – I’m not surprised more men support Palin than women. A lot of women I know seem to resent her for whatever reason. When I ask why, most are unable to explain their lack of support. Weird.

Final WWI veteran seeks memorial for comrades – Hopefully the old monument can be properly maintained and repaired. Seems a bit disrespectful to allow it to be neglected so.

Pakistan orders end to foreign incursions – I can understand Pakistan’s anger but I also have to wonder at their inability (or perhaps unwillingness) to truly crackdown on al-Qaeda and Taliban support and operations occurring within their borders and across the border in Afghanistan.


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