You know Poise lipstick might be a good color…

Lipstick comments color presidential campaign | Reuters I myself originally pissed off at the implied sexist insult when I heard the comment on the local news but waited until discovering more of the facts and context before commenting. I’m not so annoyed now having read the phrase in context but  Obama should have known better than to say something so silly after Palin became part of the GOP ticket because it would obviously be viewed as a sexist attack on Mrs. Palin. The attack dogs of the political parties are just waiting in the wings for such slip ups and comments.

Obama’s dismissal of the controversy was less than endearing, though. Especially given Obama’s campaign complaining about the GOP playing the gender card when Obama’s campaign too often likes to play the race card by implying anyone against him, his candidacy, or his policies are closet racists. I know I’ve had more than a few Obama supporters say that to my face. Perhaps Obama’s poorly chosen words was a result of concern over a shift in polls towards McCain that now puts the two in a dead heat. Perhaps not. All I know is Obama’s staffers behavior seem to indicate frustration and nervousness over the struggle they’re facing in what should have been, at least on paper, an easy year for Democrats to win the Presidency.

Regardless, back to the original subject. I for one am sick and tired of excuses made by people to brush off sexist attitudes and comments whether they are made to denigrate men or, more commonly, women. Sexism is a major problem in this country that too many are willing to ignore or dismiss as unimportant. As for the Presidential race, in the end this will pass as I think most Americans are more interested in the issues. I’m personally looking forward to watching the debates even if I’ve researched the assorted parties and their positions and have already decided for whom to vote.

Coming soon: my take on assorted Arizona propositions up for vote.


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