Just a little rant…

Fannie/Freddie bailout puts three banks in capital danger zone – BloggingStocks

This still annoys me to no end, especially knowing that the dunderheads who made the poor decision as the heads of Fannie and Freddie are going to be rewarded for their incompetence with millions of dollars in severance. Meanwhile, the American tax payers get stuck footing the bill for another useless company. An of course now we have congress planning on making loans (which you know  is never going to repaid) the outdated car industry in order to “help” them switch over to more fuel efficient and alternate fuel vehicles. Excuse me, but that’s what R&D budgets are for. Stop letting ineffective, lazy companies feast at the trough on the backs of the American worker.

If all these corporations get free hand outs from the government why aren’t the American people afforded the same privilege?

Oh that’s right. We’re just the unwashed, ignorant masses that built this country, that’s all.

And just more proof at the corruption of the financial and banking industry:Report: Banks helped foreigners escape US taxes – AOL Money & Finance

I bet the Federal Government acts like a bunch of cowards on this one too and sticks it to the taxpayers. Again.


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