Arizona 2008 Propositions

The following propositions will be on Arizona’s November ballot. Entries with CI indicates proposition was placed on ballot by citizen’s initiative. There are a couple not listed as they are facing court challenges and may not be on the November ballot. My own comments are in italics.

Prop. 100 [CI] – Proposed State constitutional amendment to prohibit the creation of any state level tax on the sale or transfer of real property


Prop. 101 [CI] – Proposed State constitutional amendment to guarantee the freedom of choice regarding health care providers and system


Prop. 102. – Proposed State constitutional amendment to defining marriage as being between a man and a woman only

Oppose. The state constitution should not be used to push one group’s beliefs upon the rest of the remaining citizenry. The initiative also allows for discriminatory laws to be established in the effort to “protect” marriage. Institutionalized or government sanctioned discrimination is still discrimination, regardless in this case of how you feel about homosexuality. My hope is that Arizona’s citizens will once again reject this discrimination proposition as it did the last time it was put to a public vote in 2006 (and later killed in the Legislature when those trying to subvert the will of the people tried to sneak it through anyway). Bishop Kirk S. Smith is far more eloquent on the true nature of this proposition and parallels my own opinion on the subject.

Prop. 105 [CI] – Proposed State constitutional amendment to prevent the subsequent passage of any initiative measure imposing additional taxes or spending, except when approved by a majority of all qualified voters, turnout notwithstanding

Approve. We’ve had too many initiatives passed where funding such initiative was left for politicians to determine without citizen consent of information.

Prop. 200 [CI] – Proposal to reform payday loan industry with pro-consumer changes: reduced rate limit, no cost repayment options, borrowing caps

Approve. A lot of problems have arisen for both citizens and illegals over the payday loan activities in Arizona.

Prop. 201 [CI] – Proposal to create a homeowners Bill of Rights. Includes certain rights: guaranteed 10 year warrantee, correction of construction mistakes, and participation in selecting repair contractors

Approve. I’ve known too many people who ended up stuck with substandard quality houses that they paid top dollar for and then were given the run around when trying to have problems resolved.

Prop. 202 [CI] – Proposal to enact further restrictions on the hiring of illegal aliens. Proposal would allow for revocation of business licenses and increased penalties for theft committed by illegal aliens.

Approve. The employee sanctions law that was passed has done well in curbing illegal workers in Arizona but there are still too many companies trying to skirt the law.

Prop. 300 – Proposal to increase the salaries of state legislators to $30,000.

Undecided at this time. The state legislators, for the most part, have actually done a reasonably good job lately. On the other hand, they’ve played a hand along with Governor Napolitano (D) in causing Arizona’s $1 billion shortfall. Sooo…..still considering this one.


15 thoughts on “Arizona 2008 Propositions

  1. Gray3,

    I agree with most of your views on the propositions. But I highly disagree with your support of Prop 200.

    A payday loan is a very high risk loan. Typically those in need of a payday loan are at such a point in their financial life that they are unlikely to pay it back, especially if the penalties are so low they don’t care about not paying the loan back for a few months/years.

    Payday loan places choose to offer high risk loans, so it is their problem when someone does not repay. Lendees choose to accept the terms of payday loans, they have to suffer the consequences of doing so. I do not believe, and will never believe that a payday loan is a good thing. If you don’t have the money, and you don’t have the credit, then it will just have to wait.

    Instead, I would support a proposition that anyone getting a payday loan will have free access to a financial management seminar where they can learn how to avoid putting themselves in a position where they would consider a payday loan.

    These classes would be funded from an “account” that is created from fees collected, by the city, from payday loan companies.

    While this will increase the cost of a payday loan, this education will eventually reduce the need for the loan and actually help the people that need it.

    Business is business, if you don’t like the terms of the loan, then don’t apply for one. If people paid attention to loan terms, and educated themselves about the loan they were seeking, then this whole sub-prime mortgage debacle would not have existed.

    It is up to the consumer to know what they are getting in to. It is up to the consumer to agree to terms they find agreeable, and disagree with terms they disagree with. It’s not the business’s fault that people don’t research their options… as a matter of fact, many businesses (mortgage lenders and payday loan lenders alike) have plenty of information about loans and alternatives in their lobbies, no one chooses to read them.

    When is America going to realize that you are responsible for yourself? You are responsible for your actions or failure to act!

    Because of irresponsible Arizonians (sorry if that is not the right term, or spelled incorrectly) who purchased homes they could not afford, agreeing to terms they did not understand, many of us responsible Arizonians are getting hit with falling property values due to foreclosure auctions and other financial issues. If you choose to be un-educated and ignorant to the point of self destruction, I really don’t care… go for it! If it affects me and other responsible people, that is when I care.

    Well there is my rant. Gray3, I do agree with most of your outlooks on these propositions. Don’t take offense to this post, I’m not accusing you of any wrong doing, or lack of education, just leaving my 42 cents about the state being required to protect people from themselves.

  2. Hi Duo,

    Thanks for the reply. And don’t worry I’m not offended in the least. I found your reply quite informative since I personally don’t believe in using them regardless of circumstances.

    My support for Prop 200 is now in limbo, and headed to change to not supporting it, after reading some of the controversy involved particularly the lack of clarity over interest rates for these loans. It’s also prompted me to take a closer look at what specifically gets changed. I don’t like what I’m seeing either.

    I agree with your proposal about creating a financial management seminar so that people could avoid the whole issue of getting a pay day loan in the first place. For that matter it would solve a number of problems that could have been avoided, like the housing crisis and property devaluation that as resulted.

  3. I am an older person and have lived in many states. I have never seen a state such as this that we pay people to work all year to put out a bunch of worthless and poorly worded propositions!

  4. Hi Ron,

    Absolutely agree with you there!

    I guess that the “fun” of the Arizona citizen’s initiative and proposition system. (/sarcasm) Seriously though, even as a lifelong resident I find myself continually annoyed by the intentionally poor wording placed into many of these propositions and initiatives in an attempt to confuse or trick voters.

    Thanks for the reply.

  5. Payday loans need to be reformed. As a client(victom), its hard to get out of that debt or cycle. Interest rates are unbievable that are not taxed deductible. As a profitable lender, it does not report your good standings to the credit agencies but if in default, turns it over to a collection agency that does report it to the credit agencies which lowers your credit score.

  6. I’m shocked at anyone’s support for prop 105. I’ve never been an activist nor am I now, but the number of people that have this bill wrong is amazing. This bill has nothing to do with taxes or spending, this bill is about voters rights. Every registered voter that doesn’t vote is counted as a no vote. Arizona currently has 498,000 inactive voters on our rolls. That list includes people who have died and others who have moved away. Prop 105 automatically counts all of those non-voters (including the non-living) as No votes. As the law is written, if 45% of registered voters showed up to vote, and every one of them voted yes (45%), the initiative would be defeated because of all the people that didn’t show up. This is a dangerous path of stripping the voters voice.

    I also completely agree with Duo and felt there’s no way you can make those loans easy to walk away from or people will use them as their personal ATM’s. These are hugely risky loans for the owners of the business to make, but let’s keep in mind it’s a service that people find invaluable. If you put too many restrictions on them the owners will have to close their doors and those really needing the loans will have no where to go, this is a loose-loose situation.

  7. Well I have to disagree with you on 2 Props one is prop 102 this is not the same Prop as two years ago and that one would have passed if it would have been worded the same way as this one is. As far as pushing one’s group beliefs upon another s isn’t that what the homosexual community has been trying to do for the last 30 years? I would think that a group of people who have had something the same for the last 5,000 years or so and someone who now wants to change it is the one pushing. and considering that all it would take is a ruling from the state supreme court like they have in California, Massachusetts, and now Connecticut could change that. Also to call this discrimination is incorrect as anyone is allowed to marry in this state as long as it is to the opposite sex something that as always been.

    As far prop 202 this will make employers less responsible in their hiring practices. It also eases restriction on the business that hire them most. Hotels fast food restaurant. And requires those who report them to sign a form instead of being anonymous.It also lets employers not use the federal “E verify” But the less reliable I-9 form.

    I also find it funny that one of the reasons you are voting against Prop102 is because it was voted on 2 years ago and failed. But you are voting for this which was passed overwhelming by the People.

    Here is a link to all the props Pro and Con from the respective people who are supporting it or against it.

  8. Behind every positive is a negative and I think that all of these propositions are tricks. I say vote no on everything, and not just because it’s easy, but because I think they will hurt more than help.. The only proposition that I am considering a “yes” vote on is 202, but I have to find out what the catch is first.

  9. re: Prop 200 (Payday Loan reform).

    I’m always suspicious of an initiative to restrict any industry that is sponsored by the industry itself, as is this proposition.

    I highly recommend the following link: which explains that if this initiative fails to pass, the payday loan industry will be capped at 36% interest rate (not the thousands of percentage points they now charge) in 2010 when the current exemption to that rate cap expires.

    I am opposed to this initiative, and recommend everyone to get educated on what this initiative is really all about.

  10. Jerry, I am sorry to hear you were a “victim of the loan sharks. You got into that situation by being less than frugal with your situation and apparently you got a hit on your score because of a collection agency. First, the collection agency is not allowed to put a hit on your credit score. You don’t owe them anything. You owed the Payday loan store. If you didn’t pay them and they sold the loan to a collection agency then before you pay them they have to show you that you are indebted to them. You are not. Because you did not sign anything between you and the agency they can not legally put a black mark on your credit. If this happened to you you need to sue them. The Payday loan proposal was put forward by the Payday loan industry. What makes anyone think they are going to do something that benefits the people seeking loans? Wake up people!!!

  11. AZ Prop 102 is a response to the actions that have taken place across the country where gay rights and religious rights clash. See the following article on NPR
    I believe that homosexuality is a sin. I don’t believe that homosexuals are evil, just as I don’t believe that all sinners are evil (we all sin). I too have worked and do work with homosexuals (both as subordinates and as my manager and yes we have discussed this issue) and from my perspective we got/get along fine. Jesus taught through his actions that we should love one another, that we should love the sinner, but not the sin. We can love and embrace the sinner without embracing their sin.
    The US Constitution guarantees my freedom of religion. I have a God given right to think this way. Others have a God given right to believe differently. I don’t want my children to be taught in school about homosexuality. It is my job to teach my children about religion and about right from wrong. I believe that Prop 102 will help prevent my children from being force-fed something that is completely against my religious beliefs.

    I also believe that it is our duty as a society to look out for the orphans to place them with the best possible home. I believe that the best possible home is with a mother and father who will care for them. Studies too numerous to count reveal the time honored truth that a mother and father provide the best upbringing for a child, less crime, less poverty, less drug addiction. I want a man and a woman that have been married to be the adoptive parents. Yes divorce is on the rise but that is all the more reason to remind everone of the importance of marriage. It is the bedrock of our society, that a man and a woman put off present desires for the benefit of their children. In societies where marriage is severely weakened children go hungry and untutored, and STDs are rampant.

    Same sex marriage does affect others.

  12. On Prop 102, it has nothing to do with discrimination. It has to do with what God created, a man and a woman. God created male and female in a certain way so that they fit together. God also ruled against homosexuality. Homosexuality is WRONG and IMMORAL! Vote YES on 102!

    On Prop 200, I am the guy that started payday loans in Arizona over 20 years ago. The state shut me down years ago. Payday loans are very high risk. Only 3 out of 5, at best, ever repay their loans. Therefore, the payday loan company must charge higher rates and fees just to get by. If Prop 200 passes, there will no longer be any payday loan companies. There is a class of people out there that cannot get money at a bank or finance company and they NEED a place where they can borrow. Those people are going to be left out in the cold without payday loans.

  13. While I understand those whose personal beliefs state that homosexuality is immoral and wrong but I can not condone the idea that somehow homosexuals are a threat to heterosexual couples, traditional families, or orphans. I’ve know plenty of homosexual couples, some with adopted children who are perfectly normal and well adjusted, that are just as forthright, upstanding individuals as heterosexual couples.

    I simply don’t see the supposed “threat” homosexuals pose to heterosexuals as some claim. If you genuinely believe God created all humankind then why are so many so quick to oppress or suppress their fellow man? The Christianity I was raised on taught to accept and love all, live and let live. There were no caveats like “except gays or lesbians”.

    Anyone who believes they have the right to impose their version of religious belief, should carefully consider the slippery slope upon which they stand. Slavery is sanctioned in the Bible, yet we now reject this ugly idea. Should Christians continue to allow another ugly idea, homophobia, and all the inherent hatred and violence associated to it to be codified into this State’s Constitution?

    I think not.

    Arizonans rejected this discriminatory ideology two years ago since the State already has laws regarding the marriage and put legal protections in place for both heterosexual marriages and homosexual couples. Hence, there is no need for marriage to be defined in the state constitution.

    Regardless of my opinion, the people of Arizona will decide the issue tomorrow. My hope is that they will once more reject this backward proposition and move forward beyond the prejudices of the past to more accepting and tolerant future.

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