Bailout snags…no surprise

Well this is fun.

Trying to type with one hand isn’t fun, but that’s what I get for smashing my hand in a door like a bone head while moving furniture for my mom.


Looks like the Wall Street bailout hit a snag. I oppose the bailout but understand why the government feels it needs to clean up the mess they helped create. That’s why I also don’t want some of the fear mongers (Bernanke (sp?), Frank, Paulson, et. al.) to rush this thing either and cover their own asses due to their own associations with the failure. Get it done right with no benefits or protections for the execs responsible for the crisis. Most of all I don’t want Americans footing the bill for corrupt business execs and government oversight agencies and officials who did nothing despite the warnings dating back a number of years.

I think McCain should continue with tomorrow’s debate, if nothing else so that he can explain his reasoning and actions without the blatantly biased news media’s coverage claiming McCain is the reason the bailout is under such scrutiny and negotiation after today’s meeting ended poorly. Obviously if there had been a true agreement as the Democratic leadership claimed there wouldn’t have been a problem. They overstepped themselves thinking they could impose a decision without discussion and when rightly questioned over key points apparently (if news reports are accurate) took the childish route and left the meeting.

I thinks it’s more telling about the mature response of Obama and McCain to the situation when compared to the childish antics of many of their contemporaries who were as quick to lay blame as they were to cover their own asses. At least both were genuinely interested in working on a bipartisan deal, unlike others. But then that’s one reason why they’re running for President.

I would also think the media with their love of Obama would be questioning why his own party set him up to look like a fool in this meeting by having not made genuine efforts to negotiate with the Republican House leadership instead of using back-benchers. No one likes to go into a meeting thinking all there needs to be done is to negotiate a few minor touches to an agreement only to find out the supposed bipartisan support in fact is non-existent and said deal is far from ready.


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