Can anyone see fraud in space?

Grounded space tourist wants $21 million refund – Yahoo! News

If this story proves true than Space Adventures should be ashamed of themselves, refund Mr. Enomoto’s funds, and be investigated for potential fraud. I do have to wonder about the convenient bumping of Mr. Enomoto for Ansari (of Ansari X Prize fame) by Space Adventures especially given Russian officials had no problem with Enomoto previously.

I support space tourism and commercialization (to a point) but previous fraudulent companies and on going controversies like this one will continue to hinder, if not out right eliminate, entrepreneurial efforts in space. This is nothing new. I remember my grandfather’s stories of fraudulent businesses selling tickets for seats on future rocket launches and trips to the moon starting shortly after the first moon landings to people (however naive they may have been) eager to embrace the idea of going into space and pioneering the colonization the moon. There are still even frauds today trying to claim the moon as their property and selling chunks of it off.


2 thoughts on “Can anyone see fraud in space?

  1. This appears to me of being a case of Space Adventures greed and the company getting cold feet about being associated too close with Enomoto. Greed: He paid $21 million, was pressured into paying $7 million more, was told according to the lawsuit by the company time and time again that his medical issues were not a big deal, asked at the last minute to sign a form stating he would not receive a refund if he was disqualified for medical reasons and then all the sudden he’s out and an investor of the company is in? BS. Did this investor pay a dime for her seat? Does not appear to. Greg Olsen another guy who flew with this company had his trip postponed when he had medical issues, not cancelled. He was later allowed to fly. Association: Enomoto’s company Live Door become the subject of a criminal investigation in Japan resulting in numerous arrests and prosecutions. Enomoto was also involved in pornography in Japan. These facts are both well known in the country. Space Adventures could have simply said we don’t want you and refunded the money but the money was dangling before them and it appears they simply couldn’t turn it down. Space Adventures should have a criminal investigation launched into it’s business practices. I believe they took advantage of someone they believed was easy prey and rewarded one of their own investors. One last note, I’m betting the majority of positive comments here were posted by the company as I have seen far more negative feedback than positive in blogs mentioning them.

  2. I did not know about the pornography angle, though that should have little to do with Space Adventures apparent misconduct. As you noted, a previous individual to fly with SA had his flight delayed and eventually did fly with them. This just further strengthens my suspicions of SA’s unethical and potentially illegal activities.

    As an aside, I’m not sure what you mean about the majority of positive comments here being posted by the company since I have no connection to Space Adventures and generally approve all replies regardless of whether I agree with them or not.

    Thank you for posting your comment. Interesting information.

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