Today’s Faux Controversy: 28 Sept 2008

Today’s faux controversy: Spore Sparks Controversy Gallery and Images – GameDaily

My short response to (1) Christian extremists, (2) Conservative media do-gooders, (3) militant Atheists:

(1) It’s just a game! Don’t like it for whatever reason then  don’t play it.

(2) Don’t like certain content for you kids then monitor what they are doing like the parents you are supposed to be.

(1&3) Quit trying to force people to believe or disbelieve as you do.

I think that covers the fake controversies of the game. Note when I say fake I am not dismissing their personal opinions or concerns, just their extremist and totalitarian reactions that result. As one of my favorite saying goes, and can be easily applied here: “Slavish adherence of formal ritual is a sign one has nothing better to think about.” (I don’t even remember where I heard this one and suspect I’m paraphrasing it a bit.)


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