Wall Stree Bailout Passes House

House OKs Huge Bailout for Wall Street

I still oppose some of the socialist notions included in this bailout but also know it was going top pass regardless of them. The wasteful and useless earmarks tacked on to it by both the House and Senate as well as tacking on items that have nothing to do with the situation like mandating broader mental health coverage by insurance companies and tax breaks for oil refineries ensured corrupt members of Congress would pass the bill. What the hell is that garbage doing in a financial bailout bill? It’s a disgrace all the garbage that was added to what was supposed to be a straight forward bill and Congress, Democrat and Republican alike, should be punished for their greed and corruption.

So congratulations America. Congress has screwed us all over again. Guess how long it’ll be before other industries come up to feed at the trough of the government dole and bleed taxpayers dry in the process. I wouldn’t be so pissed off about the whole thing if not for all the add ons that supposedly swayed enough to vote for the bill. It’s greed is what it is. The asshats who put in the ear marks and tax breaks have no interest in helping the American people, only lining their pockets with taxpayer money and assisting the equally corrupt buddies on Wall Street.

The Presidential Candidates

Both have now betrayed their supposed ideals: McCain on pork and Obama on ending tax give aways to oils companies. So neither can ever claim the high ground in this election ever again. It’s now simply a choice between McCain’s pro-capitalism stance and Obama pro-socialism stance.

The Arizona Delagation

For the bill:

Congressmen Giffords (D), Mitchell (D), Pastor (D), Shadegg (R)

I hope Giffords’ opponent, State Senator Tim Bee (R), in the November elections unseats her for her support of pork. Arizona and America need less pork and greed and more responsible governance and ethics.

I hope Shadegg gets punted by Robert Lords (D) as much as I hope Mitchell (D) gets punted by David Schwiekert (R).

As for you, Mr. Ed Pastor, I’m in your district and will join any effort to unseat you. You’ve permanently lost my support after your support for corruption and pork. You may not get unseated this time (2008) by Karg (who I fee has the best chance against you) but I’ll push hard to have you removed in 2010 if I’m still a resident of Arizona then.

Against the bill:

Congressman Grijalva (D), Flake (R), Franks (R), Renzi (R)

Congratulations to the Congressmen for standing by their constituents over party politics, greed, and pork. I hope all win their seats and whoever replaces Renzi will act responsibly and ethically as a Congressmen.


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