Faux Controversy: Voter Dress Code

Another faux controversy…

Politicians Battle Over Voters’ Attire

Why I hate this article: First the article is misleading. It’s not about dress codes. It’s about potential undue influence in an election. Second, it’s another lame attempt to make people think the Republican party is out to disenfranchise voters when in fact the real issue is preventing undue politicking at polling places.

Duh, you should not be allowed to wear political gear within a certain distance of polling places. I have no idea if it also applies to clothes and such in this state but then I’ve never seen someone stupid or arrogant enough to wear such paraphernalia into the polling place anyway. The campaign is over at that point. Your ultimate show of support for your party or candidate is to simply vote, not wear some lame ass clothes, buttons, hats, whatever that tells the world what you think. It’s too easy for unethical candidates or their more extremist supporters to convince their supporters and proxies to wear paraphernalia supporting their candidates in an attempt to intimidate or unduly influence others at the polling place. The polling place is a place for people to cast their vote as they see fit without such concerns muddling the process.

To the Democrats, voters should be free to express themselves. They fear a dress code could scare away some new voters.

If you are pathetic enough not to vote because you can’t wear your “Obamanation” shirt or your “McCain Do It” button to your local poll, then the problem is you. It isn’t about free speech. It’s about clean elections and election process. People need to stop using their rights, like free speech, to try and avoid acting like responsible and mature adults involved in a serious process, in this case an election. This is especially so when dealing with fellow citizens respectfully and tolerantly at the polls.

Personally I don’t see what the problem is with requiring a ban on such obvious politicking by supporters of a candidate. In Arizona you’re not allowed to have political signs within a specified distance of the poll places in order to avoid attempts at voter imitation or influence. Even with the regulation there have occasionally been problems with individuals and groups standing right at the specified distance and cajoling people to vote a certain way. This happened to me a number of years ago by a group of individuals with their signs and shirts and shouting. I told the little fascists to f*** off and I would vote how I wanted. Said group were made to leave by police officers by the time I had finished voting.

This article gets labeled as another MSM machination.


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