It’s like nailing Jell-O to the wall…

That was probably the only memorable comment from the second 2008 Presidential Debate.

I think Senator McCain did much better in this debate than the first
one. He seemed more confident and relaxed. Even throwing a new idea into the mix. Senator Obama did as
I expected with nothing really new or better explained. Overall, I think the debate was a tie, with maybe a slight edge to McCain for doing a bit better in the debate as far as being energetic and emphatic and Obama relying to much on the lame-ass Bush tie-ins. (The pro-Obama MSM is already spinning this as McCain being “angry”. Ha!) I’d still call it a tie, even if I am a McCain supporter. It really comes down to who the viewers agree more with or are more confident in.

It’s lamentable the pseudo-“town-hall” format really did not lend itself to a good airing or discussion of the issues. Instead for the most part we just had a regurgitation of previous positions on both sides with little new additional information or clarification. What clarification there was didn’t really help either candidate much, though the Pakistani one might hurt Obama but only in the most minute way.

I’m also still rather disappointed by the fact that no third party candidates from the Libertarians (Barr), Greens (McKinney), or Independents (Nader) have been allowed to participate in the debates. It smacks too much of political censorship by the dominant political parties and the MSM for my tastes. After all, we are supposed to be a democratic nation. You can’t really claim that if you censor the presence of other parties in these debates out of convenience or expedience.

For me the debates really don’t matter at this point since I sent out my early ballot today. I voted McCain and now I get to sit and wait to see what the nation decides in November.


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