Spread the wealth and Union power grabs

Obama Reveals Socialist Stripes…


I’ve been busy for a couple days and not really paying much attention to the on going Presidential contest. I admit I was surprised at reading today that over the weekend Obama essentially revealed his true socialist leanings by wanting to “spread the wealth around” by punishing successful people and businesses with higher taxes. I read the exchange (at a pro-Obama news source, so I assume it’s accurate) and just shook my head. I knew Mr. Obama was a socialist democrat, but jeez.

And since Obama supports it…

Free Choice…if you choose the Union Way

The Employee Free Choice Act. (aka H.R. 800, aka Card Check)

Sounds good. Sounds like a good deal for workers. It’s all about choice right?

Sure, until you read what this proposed bill in Congress actually does. In essence this bill would strip the American worker of having a secret vote to decide whether to form a union or not at a workplace and replace it with de-facto unionization of workplaces without a vote.

What I find most disturbing is this has nothing to do with choice for employees and all about the expansion of unions. It smacks of an attempt to undermine not only the rights of workers to vote in privacy with respect to unions but also an attempt to undermine the laws (and sometimes State Constitutions) of right to work states primarily in the South and West. In Arizona, right to work is enshrined in the State Constitution. For those unaware, right to work states guarantee the rights of employees to decide for themselves whether or not to join or support a union. It’s primary goal is to prevent forced unions which often are parlayed into supporting political causes employees may not support or agree with.

While the unions have done much to assist and protect the American worker in history iunions also have an equally dismal history of greed, graft, corruption, threats, and intimidation against their membership or potential members. I can’t help but wonder, if this bill becomes law, how long it would be before a place that was “unionized” under EFCA would turn hostile and threatening to those who chose not to “sign the card”, especially in right to work states like Arizona.

Major points of the bill that I have major problems with:

1. Secret ballot only held if more than 30% but less than 50% had signed the cards. And that there might be a secret ballot if coercion or intimidation was found to have occurred. No required ballot if coercion has occurred. Worse is that if the 50 plus 1 situation arises the workplace is automatically considered unionized. This leads to point 2.

2. The end to nearly all organizing elections if a 50 plus 1 situation occurs. In other words, no elections. No vote. No choice. For anyone, union or not. How un-American.

3. Binding arbitration after 90 days of negotiations in which neither companies nor employees could appeal the ruling and would be imposed for two years. In other words, Americans get screwed regardless of which side you are on. Either the business lays people, closes, or otherwise collapses if burdened too heavily by the arbiter or the employees lose needed wage increases and benefits because of another arbiter. Said arbiters could also conceivably be corrupt or biased in favor of one side or the other. Without some accountability to the arbiter, arbitrations could become disastrous to both American business and American workers. Crippled American businesses could simply shut down or leave the nation. Vice versa burdened workers could end up stuck with ineffective and unaccountable unions, while stuck working for business without appropriate compensation or benefits.

4. Increase penalties for unfair labor practices on companies (good) but not unions (bad and unfair) during organizing drives. In other words, the labor unions (or their proxies) could conceivably be given free reign to intimidate, harass, suppress, or bribe people into joining a union since they would not face penalties. There have already been instances investigated by the National Labor Relations Board for just such activity.

And lastly, a tertiary concern I have but one that I still consider extremely important.

5. Undermining state’s rights. There’s no two ways about it.This bill is an attempt by unions to undermine the laws and constitutions of some twenty or so states that guarantee the right to work and laws in those states that prevent unions from carrying out activities used in union states to pressure employees into forming unions. EFCA could easily be used to dismiss and/or override State Constitutions.

These two points make me wonder about Obama even more. Socialists generally portray themselves as working the interest of all workers and yet Obama supports the EFCA, which ultimately harms workers by stripping them of their right to vote in union organizing and making them subservient to the union leadership. The EFCA is obviously a power grab by unions, which generally support the Democrats. I guess that alone is reason enough for Obama to support such a dangerous measure if he believes the unions represent the people.


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