News Commentary 20 Oct 2008

Political Radar: Palin Differs With McCain on Federal Marriage Amendment

I’m not really surprised Palin supports an constitutional amendment defining marriage, since she is a Christian conservative and despite claims otherwise, not a true federalist. It’s one of the issues I differ strongly from Palin and numerous other conservative Christian Republicans. That said, they have a right to their opinions and beliefs and I to mine. I have a serious problem with anyone who thinks codifying and imposing one religious perspective upon all, even those who believe differently, is perfectly acceptable. Fortunately attempting to do such Constitutionally is especially difficult, with the notable exception of the mistake that became known as Prohibition.

Bernanke, White House warm to another stimulus plan | Reuters

Why would anyone want to spend more money when the first economic stimulus package accomplished nothing? Are people really that desperate to cripple themselves in the future by a pittance of a handout now? People do realize that these “stimulus packages” are not free, right? They need to be paid back in future tax returns. Besides, do you really trust one of the morons (Bernanke) responsible for the financial meltdown to make sound economic policy?

U.S. to study possible space-based defense | Science | Reuters

Curious how suddenly space-based defense isn’t viewed as radical and dangerous or mocked as a waste of time and money. Funny how suddenly some now seem to think that Reagan was right, Clinton and the Democrat Congress were wrong for gutting SDI, and now show interest in the program (or one similar to it) once more. I find the whole situation ironic in that the US is far less likely to face a nuclear assault now than during the closing days of the Cold War and yet it is now suddenly there is this “urgent” need for the program.


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