Of Joes, Jackboots, and Generals

Why does all the “good” stuff happen when I’m busy? Some of this is a few days out of date but still a good reminder of things people should be keeping in mind nowadays when it comes to politics and the media.

Joe the Plumber and the Jackboots of the MSM

Wow, what’s with the Democrats and MSM hammering on “Joe the Plummer”? Oh that’s right. He’s a citizen who dared challenge the mighty Obama and somehow tricked the Senator into revealing his socialist foot-in-mouth disease. Joe must be punished for reminding not only the Senator but the American public that the government is supposed to work for them not punish them for being successful. /sarcasm

Seriously though, I take this as a sign that Obama, Biden, and their more rabid supporters in the DNC and MSM believe that Obama is to become overlord of the American people, not a servant of and for the American people. Why else would they be making asinine comments about “vetting” Mr. Samuel J. Wurzelbacher among other things? Should the MSM not be asking why Sen. Obama or his handlers didn’t better screen people he was freely choosing to speak with instead?

I find it especially disturbing that the MSM seems to be of the notion that only their opinion matters. In a splendid display of Soviet style propaganda the MSM apparently thinks anyone who expresses differing opinions must be publicly destroyed through innuendo and smear. The MSM is starting to look more like Pravda at it’s height during the Cold War than a genuine independent and free press.

I’m just glad Mr. Wurzelbacher seems to be able to shrug off the jackbooted thuggery of the MSM and even fight back against them.

And speaking of jackbooted thugs…

Arizona Political Shenanigans

…(or those who act like the thought police)

What is it with the morons stealing McCain and Obama signs from people yards in the Valley? The nutters doing this need to stop and get a life outside of politics. They wouldn’t like someone suppressing their rights so why are they trying to suppress other people’s rights. It doesn’t take much effort to be civilized and respectful towards each other over political differences.

Colin Powell Endorsing Obama

I don’t see the big deal or hubbub about Powell backing Obama. It’s no different than other former Secretaries of State announcing their support for McCain or Obama. It’s his right like any other American to choose who he supports. Most of the American public won’t really care one way or another, former Bush administration member or not. What is laughable is Obama trying to parlay the support as giving him some sort of international experience or credibility.


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