NASA Chief: Criticsm Hurts Morale

NASA chief: Criticism hurting agency morale-

I wonder what people would think if it was generally known that NASA is getting $20.2 billion to operate when compared with the $700 billion bailout? It’s tantalizing to think of what NASA could do with that much money. Sure it’ll never happen because there are greater concerns to be dealt with in the U.S. right now, but I can’t help but wonder.

Anyway, on to the article.

I applaud the Mr. Griffin for defending and supporting his engineers and workers at NASA. I doubt many question the integrity or expertise of the talented engineers, technicians, and workers of NASA but instead question the NASA leadership and judgment in its decision making process. Many of those decisions, of course, are limited by budgetary concerns but there is also an impression that NASA has become entrenched with an engineering ideology that inflexible and unwilling to consider alternate concepts or ideas that are counter to the current leadership’s “vision”.

Whether that is true or not, time will tell.


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