Is this a joke?

“Are you joking? Is this a joke? Or is that a real question?”

No Senator. It’s not a joke, it’s the Presidential election.

Then again. Presidential election = joke isn’t all that far from the truth at times.

You know if Obama gets elected President I think I may have to devote a day a week to future secret GOP operative Biden gaffes. Maybe I’ll call it Biden Time. (Yes the stricken comment is a joke.)  That or to the extreme lefties who turn into rabid pit bulls over nothing.

So this weekend’s gaffe is actually starting to become more sinister than amusing. While the reporter left a lot to be desired in the manner she asked her questions but the fact is she asked wht so few others have been willing to do. Ask a question and give the candidate an open shot to answer and dispel all doubts. People do have concerns over ACORN and any political affiliations to the organization, Obama’s own “spread the wealth” comment, and Biden’s own comment about Obama being tested. Along with the valid questions you’ll get dumb questions too.

The Democratic and leftist response has been near apoplectic. Cutting off future interviews and starting a smear campaign against the reporter via party zombies is a chilling reaction to legitimate questions. If the Obama/Biden ticket is too thin skinned for simple questions and reacts this strongly, how will they react when faced with criticism during their potential Presidential administration.

If you can’t take the heat, stay out of the fire.


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