Obama Nation Challenge

Interesting is it not that within 24 hours of Obama election the following happened:

  1. Obama backpedaling in his own acceptance speech over accomplishing his campaign’s stated goals. (e.g. the part including “We may not get there in one year or even one term…”)
  2. The stock market lost nearly 500 points.
  3. Russia announced it was planning a missile defense shield (MSD) to counter U.S. efforts (as well as demanding the current US MSD stop.)
  4. Hamas broke the ceasefire with Israel. Fortunately the Israeli’s expected it and kicked their terrorist asses.
  5. The DNC threatening to go after Lieberman for daring to have a opinion differing from them.
  6. The DNC is pushing a bigger government, bigger debt “stimulus package”, even though the last one failed to a single thing to help the economy. This on top of the “bailout”.
  7. Rahm Emanuel, a highly partisan reactionary asked to become White House chief of staff.
  8. The US automakers are at the DNC trough demanding American taxpayers pay more to support their failed companies.
  9. The DNC is pushing card check, a blatant attempt to usurp workers’ and states’ rights in the name of unionization (whether you want it or not).

Unfair you say? I already noted I am going to be unforgiving towards Obama’s administration, even if it hasn’t taken power. How is it unfair to apply the DNC’s “Fairness Doctrine” to President Elect Obama? The DNC, and their attack dogs in the news media, loved skewering anyone who disagreed with them using the so called “Fairness Doctrine” so it’s only fair they face the music as well.


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