Obama Nation 7 Nov 2008

Today’s Obama (continuing to apply the DNC’s “Fairness Doctrine”):

  1. Bailout the dinosaur car companies with taxpayers money.
  2. Usurping State’s rights and turning individual states into Federal welfare states once more.
  3. Want economic stimulus package even though previous package had no noticeable improvement of economy.
  4. Extend benefits to unemployed and help struggling homeowners. Who cares about the current unemployed and those whose houses have already been taken.
  5. The suck up MSM at its biased best extolling the wonderfulness of Obama. (Gag.)
  6. Taking potshots at Nancy Reagan for no reason. Further proving his ageism and sexism in one shot.
  7. Calling himself a mutt. Oookaayyy…I don’t care if he was talking about a potential pet and joking but a future President should never refer to himself in a derogatory manner. Gives the rest of the world the wrong impression.
  8. Stocks fell during his “speech”.
  9. Legislating the creation of jobs.


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