Situational Space Awareness — Out There: Space Traffic Control System Needed

I agree there needs to be some sort of tracking system for civilian satellites and debris in addition to existing military systems. The problem that arises is:

  1. Coming up with a genuinely neutral group beholden to no nation, organization, or political affiliation. Space is highly competitive and geopolitics is too easily manipulated into benefiting one group over another.
  2. Military and Civilian operations. In some cases there is no separation between military and civilian operations which could cause conflicts over individual nation’s space activities adversely affected other space nations.
  3. Proprietary data between competing satellite trackers, vendors, and operators. Getting them to cooperate may prove difficult if they feel their business maybe adversely affected, undermined, or even stolen. Add on top of this any information that may be tied to assorted national security requirements, regulations, and laws.

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