Big 3 Bailout

If Obama is smart he’ll back off supporting a bailout of companies (particularly the ig 3 automakers) that refuse to change. It’s political suicide for himself and his party to get into bailing them out.They’ve shown no interesting in changing with the times, going as far as to refuse Chapter 11 bankruptcy to protect them while readjusting and reforming their companies. Instead they want tax payers money to reward them for being failures. Failures they brought upon themselves through arrogance and poor business practices.

Reality is the car companies must change even if it hurts employees and employment levels. It’s harsh and it’s ugly but it’s also the truth. The rest of nation has had to face such hardships and survived, so can the car companies if they really want to remain viable.

As one of my favorite sayings goes, “Change or die.”

The United States government and the American tax payer cannot continue to bail out failed companies by rewarding them with money. We cannot afford to bailout state and city governments whose greed, graft, corruption, and mismanagement have saddled the public with debts. It’s time to say no to wasteful government and lazy, greedy corporations.

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