Liberman keeps seat, MSM Arizona politics correction

Lieberman Keeps Senate Chairmanship

At least the Democrats did one thing right since the election. I’m sure that will change once the new administration gets in the White House. As for the Republicans they should sanction Stevens now. He’s a convicted felon. If they want to be the party of principle and reform they need to clean house first.

Side note to correct more MSM misinformation and ignorance. I caught a segment of Fox News (why my brother was watching, I don’t know) that ignorantly stated that had Arizona Senator John McCain become President the GOP would have lost a senatorial seat in Congress to the Democrats. Wrong! Under Arizona law, the governor must appoint a member of the departing senator’s party to fill the vacancy. A simple little fact easily discovered had the media truly been doing its job during the Presidential campaign. Hell blogs had been talking about that tidbit since early 2008. Lazy reporters.


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