Napolitano for DHS?

Napolitano Tapped for Homeland Security

As an Arizonan, I hope Napolitano is selected if nothing else so the state can get rid of her do nothing Governorship. She talks and talks about dealing with crime and illegal immigration but when it comes down to enforcing the laws she actually undercuts the State’s police forces and shuns her duties claiming immigration is a “Federal issue”, one that the Feds have willfully ignored as long as I can remember. The only immigration laws she’s reluctantly enforced were those passed by the voters, since she can’t veto those laws. She only does something when she thinks it will give her some political gain but still accomplish nothing. Case in point: declaring a state of emergency in southern Arizona counties where no crisis warranting military intervention existed and then mobilizing the Guard to for political gain by play upon people’s fears of the false crisis and stoke racism rather than stand up for truth and reason.

All of this on top of her allowing the State budget to go from a surplus into debt under her veto happy reign. About the only thing Napolitano may have had any positive impact on is education reform. So good riddance to her if she’s selected. The Obama administration is starting to look like a Clinton club at this point.

Should Napolitano become DHS Secretary, she will be replaced by Arizona Secretary of State Janice Brewer (R) (better known in Arizona as Jan Brewer). Her most recent successes  in reforming Arizona’s voting system is winning (via Attorney General Goddard’s office) a challenge to Arizona’s proof of citizenship voter law. (Something illegal immigration advocates are still gnashing their teeth over trying to call it racist and burdening the poor and minorities.) Brewer is also known for working across party lines on assorted issues (state deficit, election reform, eliminating government waste, etc.) with varying degrees of successes and failures.