More of the same

Russia: We did not fire on presidential motorcade – and Russia says U.S. mercenaries, others fought for Georgia | Reuters truly make me wonder at the paranoid wackos running Russia at the moment. Russia previously made claims about foreign mercenaries fighting in Georgia against the Russian invaders but quickly backtracked when no evidence was forthcoming. Convenient that Russian has now “found” such evidence. Show me the evidence and I might believe the Russians. Maybe. With a huge grain of propaganda wary salt. Funny how the Russians had no problem with using the Ossetians as mercenaries in their war against pro-Western Georgia.

In some ways I feel sorry for the Russian people now, being stuck with such poor, reactionary, and quite frankly backwards thinking leadership for their nation. They panic for no reason, threaten on a whim, and embarrass themselves when they can not follow through on either except to foment ethnic rivalries and bigotry. Yes, the new Russia has changed: into another country whose potential is being wasted by its corrupt leadership.


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