Obama’s Agriculture, Interior Picks

Obama announces agriculture, interior picks | Politics | Reuters

So long as they don’t push GM food on the public or back policies that favor so called biofuel production over consumable food products these two picks appear to be acceptable. Until the concerns related to GM foods (transgenic modification, cross-contamination, hidden allergens, etc.) is further examined their use should be approached cautiously. The same caution needs to be applied to biofuels to avoid ballooning food prices and starvation rates as was seen previously worldwide as food production was cut in favor of creating “fuel”.

There are some problems with Salazar though when it comes to being concerned about the environment. Among these concerns is Salazar’s previous vote against increased fuel efficiency for automobiles and fighting against efforts to increase protection for some endangered species, including trying to stop scientists from determining whether some species were endangered. Mr. Salazar needs to remember that the environment is not just about air and water quality but biodiversity and ecology as well.

I also have concerns over Vilsack’s ties to GM food manufacturer, Monsanto. I’ve heard rumors that Monsanto bans GM foods in their own cafeterias. I hope that’s not true but if it is true what does that say about the safety of GM foods?

It’s especially annoying for those of us who chose to try and eat non-GM, local, organic foods as it is increasingly difficult to avoid GM foods even as an increasing number of independent scientific studies are showing some serious problems may be tied directly to GM crops.


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