News Commentary 18 December 2008

Obama’s Pick for Invocation Under Fire

Hm. So Obama’s idea of bringing together the nation is to have an evangelical minister who opposes gays? I’m sure the liberal base is having kittens about now. Then again homophobia and sexism (against both males and females) are the last remaining socially acceptable forms of hate and discrimination in the United States so maybe they won’t care either.

Honestly, this is just an obvious ploy by Obama to try to get disgruntled religious and social conservatives over to his side. It also can accomplish the goal of alienating and marginalizing his more socially liberal supporters to further allow Obama maneuvering room when he does not carry through with the liberal campaign promises he made to them. In the end it won’t really matter since rarely is the person who gives the invocation remembered. It’s who is being inaugurated that’s important.

Will Hillary Follow Through On Campaign Pledge To Ban ‘Private Mercenaries’?

Should be interesting to see if Mrs. Clinton will continue her anti-mercenary position now that she will be leading the very department that hires these groups or whether she’ll fall in line with Obama’s “establish the legal status of contractor personnel” position. Of course Obama will be President at that point so it’s not like she can really oppose him in any real manner. Personally, I don’t care about the use of mercenaries so long as they aren’t committing criminal acts or war crimes and atrocities and held accountable for said actions. Unfortunately history has shown that this is rarely so.


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