Something about Gray

A friend of mine challenged me to post something about myself that most people would not know, so here it is:

I’m allergic to onions. Or perhaps more correctly intolerant towards onion. (I don’t know which is the correct term so I’ll use the term allergy for now.) Apparently my dad had the same allergy. Other than my dad I’ve never met a person allergic to onions, but have read of others similarly afflicted.

Anyway, I’m not deathly allergic to onions but I have to watch out for them ensuring I only have a small amount (preferably none) or I end up with gastrointestinal problems (nausea, vomiting) and sometimes histamine problems (headaches, migraines, etc) as well.

Fortunately it’s primarily onions and not all alliums. Chives, peppers, and scallions can do a number but it takes a larger amount to get a reaction than typical onions but garlic is okay. Weird.

It sucks because being from the Southwestern US I love Mexican food.

Richardson End Secretary Bid

I despise people in positions of power showing a complete and utter lack of ethics and integrity.

Bill Richardson Drops Secretary Bid

At least Richardson has good enough sense (compared to the whole toxic senate seat fight in Illinois) to pull out of the commerce secretary nomination. The corruption that is rampant in our political system needs to be cleaned up. Too bad it takes the same corrupt system to impose rules and regulations to enforce ethics and integrity.