NASA Contract dispute

.:: Aero-News Network: Aerospace Contractor Team May Contest NASA Contract Award ::.

Apparently unhappy that the NASA selection panel went with other companies with less experience and disregarded certain comparative rankings, PlanetSpace officials have sought legal counsel and feel they may have grounds to contest NASA’s decision, The Wall Street Journal reported.

If this statement (bolded emphasis added) from the article is correct than it’s likely PlanetSpace has some grounds to make their challenge. NASA can’t dismiss one company for being inexperienced and then give a contract to an even less experienced company. Okay, they can but it sounds suspiciously unethical on the NASA panels part. For now, we wait and see what challenge, if any, is issued.

Reminder to the MSM

Drudge: NBC Bans Ann Coulter For Life (Updated with VIDEO) – Political Machine

While I dispise the vacuous Ms. Coulter if this ban turns out to be true NBC just further gives evidence of the continued and growing arrogance of the main stream media (MSM). Curious how NBC enjoyed Ms. Coulter’s presence before without complaint through some truly disgusting statements but now suddenly no longer find her tolerable. It sounds like NBC is implementing the inane “Fairness Doctrine” ahead of time in order to appease the incoming administration. The thought that any independent press or news organization feels the need appease the government in and of itself is chilling. How long before they decide to ban a reporter because they are critical of government corruption or trying to make the citizenry aware of wasteful spending?

The MSM has always tried to direct and  control public opinion, though often much more subtly than recent years. Now, reinforced by their success in biased reporting during the presidential campaign they will continue to act more brazenly in this manner. In turn more and more Americans will turn to other sources for their news and information.

The MSM needs to remember that they can not silence opinions they do not share or views they disagree with. Attempts at such censorship, especially on subjects involving politics and beliefs, often fuel discontent as people become aware of the distortions, omissions, and out right lies told them. The age of the internet ensures this will occur, even in the worlds most restrictive regimes.