Arizona News Round Up 06 January 2009

New look for Arizona delegation in US House | ® This article has some interesting information on the 111th Congress.

Legislators pushing for leeway on budget cuts | ®

But Kavanagh questions whether voters, having tied the hands of lawmakers in a 1998 ballot proposal, will be willing to remove the fiscal handcuffs. “They seem to have a lingering mistrust of the Legislature,” he said.

Gee. I they wonder why we don’t trust the Legislature. They’ve only taken the state from a budget surplus to a massive deficit. And that was with the 1998 restrictions in place. /sarcasm

On a serious note, put it to a vote and the voters will decide. Stripping the restrictions will likely fail given the Legislature wasting so much money on unnecessary programs like funding sports arenas, the billion dollar university construction  plan, and free day care masquerading under the guise of all day Kindergarten for example. However, the Legislature has shown their stupidity when the propose so many inane “solutions” that solve nothing or hope the Feds will bail them out as the State budget woes worsen.

Unfortunately everyone around the nation is acting like rats on a sinking ship: all for themselves and screw everyone else to steal as much of the taxpayers dollars as possible. While a number of fiscal conservatives from both parties are in the Arizona Legislature, they seem unwilling to make the tough decisions needed to truly solve Arizona’s budget crisis instead joining the other rats in looking for Washington to give them more cheese.