Genachowski FCC pick

Genachowski Picked to Head FCC –

Genachowski seems like a decent pick for the FCC but there are some lingering questions like what is his position on re-instating the so called “Fairness Doctrine” and his view on net privacy and content.

Net Neutrality – He is for genuine net neutrality, not the “net neutrality” being espoused to give preferential treatment. That’s a positive to me.

DTV –  He’s supports it but is likely to acquiesce to Obama’s request that it be delayed. Delaying is a negative. People knew it was coming for over a year. It makes no sense to delay it.

Unfortunately there is little information on Genachowski’s opinions on a myriad of FCC related issues. Will he protect the industry he was a part of or open it up? Will he allow the continued monopolization of the MSM? Will he place corporate control of content over individual control? Will he be just another throwback to the Clinton presidency or will he truly be progressive?

I’ll reserve final judgment.


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