Read the Stimulus

Seems like a good site to keep track of the stimulus bill being floated by the 111th Congress. A number of people have found items that are certainly eye opening about how government operates and spends/wastes money.

What I’ve skimmed over the 01/15/2009 draft reveals a number of non-economic related projects. This is suppose to be an economic stimulus plan, is it not? So why is there money being diverted toward the 2010 census, aid to states who’ve already showed fiscal irresponsibility, and the National Endowment for the Arts? Why the huge sums of money to the military? I was also not surprised to see NASA operations essentially being suborned into environmentalism instead oh i don’t know…aeronautics.

Don’t get me wrong, but the whole thing is starting to read like massive payoff with some dubious returns. There are some good points such opening lending to small businesses.

I suspect I’ll be going over the thing for several days if not a couple weeks but I have to be concerned when even the Congressional Budget Office thinks the plan will have little to no impact on curbing the recession.


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