Another media event? *sigh*

Obama pushes stimulus with hard-hit Americans | Politics | Reuters

Despite voting for McCain, I had hoped for success for the Obama presidency. With each chaotic day that desire fades. Today is such another day. It’s not really surprising that President Obama is pushing the pork fest with yet another media event. Apparently the President still hasn’t realized the campaign is over, he won the Presidency.

We all know the stimulus bill is going to pass in one form or another. So what’s wrong with passing one that is truly bipartisan, stripped of pork spending, and focused on the real economy not the Democratic Party’s social engineering and welfare nanny state agenda being pushed by some elements. I’m pretty close to just labeling him a mindless media whore except he’s too savvy and crafty to be simply labeled as mindless.

I would remind the President, once more, that he should be leading from Washington not flying around the country pandering to audiences aimed at giving the false impression that the majority of the citizenry support the stimulus bill with all the pork. In actuality people want a genuine stimulus bill that will help both workers and businesses while providing some relief for the housing and credit crises. Save the social engineering and government expansion projects for another time. (Preferably never.)

I would also remind him to stop labeling everyone “obstructionist” simply because they disagree with him and offer a different opinion or solution. The Republicans offered an alternative bill that was not even considered and immediately dismissed by our supposedly unifying President. Hardly an open minded approach to governing there. It doesn’t bode well when the administration appears more willing to deal with dictatorships than with the party across the isle.

And a website I thought was interesting, Daylight Network. I haven’t signed up myself yet but it appears to be a  site to predict the first 100 days of Obama’s presidency and also aimed at tracking how and what the Federal Budget will be spent on.


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