Just call it a rollback

A suggestion for the President and his next propaganda media event:

Screen the crowd for overzealous Obama-zombies. It freaks out the regular public, such as myself, to see someone praising your like you are the second coming of Jesus Christ, and to see another older woman with a fanatical gleam in her eye saying “I love you, Obama”. Better still, quit the whole messianic cult of personality shtick. It always ends badly. Just look at history for evidence of that.

And while your at it, don’t make bald faced lies like you did this time around. The MSM (despite my personal dislike for them) will hand you your ass over such blatancy, especially after the snub you gave some and the blatantly politically using of others during the previous nights propaganda event.

My favorite bumper-sticker seen today: So how is that change working out for you?

And since President Obama thinks he has the right to change the definition of “earmark” to fit his political agenda, a couple friends decided to make some new definitions as well. One of my favorite:

A revolution to overthrowing a government is now to be called a government rollback.

And no, for those individuals lacking a sense of humor (like those fanatical Obama-zombies), I’m not advocating a “government rollback”.


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