Here we go again

So I see President Obama is holding another propaganda media event tonight. I’ll probably end up watching it even though I doubt he’ll cover any new ground, just the same old crap about how the American public has to pull together and sacrifice. Funny how politicians are never willing to sacrifice in their life for the failed ideas, corruption, financial incompetence and complete mismanagement of the government, isn’t it? Nope, just the citizenry that get’s screwed over.

Obviously I don’t expect much. Likely on the program:

  1. He’ll probably blab on about needing to be fiscally responsible while expounding the contrary notion of big government programs and spending.
  2. This of course means higher taxes on everyone to make up for the massive gap which of course he’ll use class warfare to get people to think he’ll only tax businesses and the “wealthy”.
  3. Blame the previous administration for the nation’s economic woes, ignoring the fact that Congress (including himself) did nothing while the economy and financial institutes went to hell under their watch.
  4. Tout the amazing extra $16 dollars (or whatever pitiful amount it is) a week people will get. Yippee. /sarcasm
  5. Tout a mortgage bailot that leaves most out people in the cold.
  6. He’ll also probably talk about revamping healthcare when he really means creating a medical welfare state.
  7. Blame his opponents (i.e. Republicans and other opponents of big government spending) as obstructionists or defeatists or whatever negative monicker he can thow on them in some feeble attempt to prop up his agenda.
  8. He’ll probably also throw in drawing down troop levels in Iraq, which is irrelevant given the recent SOFA (status of forces agreement) with that country’s current leadership.
  9. Declare Americans need to remain hopeful in order for the economy to recover, rebuild, or some other such supposedly inspirational words that down play or ignore the depth of the problem. Same as the morons out there saying people should spend money they don’t have for the “good of the nation”.
  10. Hint at gutting the military under the guise of eliminating weapons systems supposedly no longer needed.
  11. Pathetic Republican counter proposal that’s out of touch with the American people.

In other words it’s going to be all pandering and no commitment. Being eloquent is useless if there is no actions to back up.

The President seriously needs to stop wasting time doing interviews and propaganda media events and get down to governing. He’s acting like a frigging media whore. Hell, if he wants attention so much let’s get everyone to write Harvey Levin so a TMZ cameria crew visits the White House once a week to take pictures and ask inane questions. It would probably be as useful.


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