Obama Addresses Congress

I guess I’ll go ahead and make comments as Obama addresses the Congress on his little agenda. That and gag at the adulation of corrupt Congress and complicit MSM. Fair warning that I am extremely cynical and jaded.


  • Why doesn’t hug the fruit loop Pelosi while he’s at it? *gag*
  • Michelle Obama is looking nice tonight.
  • Blah blah blah. We’ll rebuild , recover, etc. Empty promises at this point.
  • See? I called it…”pull together”, blah, blah, blah. At least he admitted (however minuscule) the government was part of the problem.
  • Acting boldly? Like not allowing a fair review of the recent recovery act? No thanks.
  • Agenda 1: Jobs. The over bloated piece of crap. And he’s not into big government. Bwahahaha!
  • Ah, there’s another one. The pathetic minuscule paycheck increase in April.
  • Pushing the lame-ass and propaganda website, recovery.gov.
  • Want a way to help end the credit crisis, strip the credit card companies of the astronomical interest rates. Encourage Americans to live within their means. Credit is not genuine money and therefor not a genuine economy. All it leads to is overpriced items.
  • I’ll believe the mortgage help when I see it happen for my mom and her house which devalued over $40,000 this last year even though not a single house in the neighborhood has been foreclosed or sold.
  • Accountability? Responsibility? I’ll believe it when I see it.
  • And here it comes….we need to financially rape Americans for the banks. Again. Using the same bullshit rhetoric said during the election campaign. Always talking about helping people but only banks, corporations,  and corrupt government officials get any benefit.
  • More bullshit “open ended recession” scare tactics.
  • Here comes the blame Bush bit. Guess he forgot he was part of the problem.
  • Pro-big government speech.
  • Obama’s budget: Energy. Health care. Education. Too bad he forgot the rest.
  • At least he seems to support renewable energy. Too bad he’s fallen for the dubious carbon cap and climate change BS which science is still ambiguous on.
  • Bailout the car makers instead of letting the new small companies replace the dinosaurs.
  • Health care reform? I’ll believe it when I see it. What type of reform? Throwing money at it via a government run program won’t accomplish anything but drive up costs even more.
  • Electronic record. Completely against it. That can’t even keep Vet records secure. No way in hell I want my records online for any hacker to get into.
  • Cure for cancer? Pfft. Give me a break, you moron. It’s going to be the scientists who do it, not fucking government.
  • Education. Always easy and crowd pleasing. Problem is they’re over educating the population like Europe, requiring degrees for jobs monkeys can do. This does not counting the propagandizing, revisionist history, and indoctrination that goes on in schools these days.
  • Charter school support. I’ll believe it when I see it.
  • Great. Socialist education. /sarcasm Cradle to career education.
  • Idiots have forgotten that High School was intended for. Require college graduation? Sounds like Europe where you have Doctorates serving coffee in cafes.
  • More national service, which is good but I gag because he plays on the Kennedy name. Blatant suck-up.
  • Don’t want to pass on debt to children? I’ll believe it when I see it.
  • More Bush bashing.
  • Free of ear marks? Bwahahahah!
  • Taking a hit: education, farmers, no-bid cntractors, and reform defense budget, medicair,
  • Ending tax breaks for corporations sending jobs overseas. That I can support.
  • Called it again. Increase tax the “wealthy” (<$250, 000 year). In other words the neo-socialists have decided no one should try to succeed for more than $250,000/yr. Too bad that’s not truly wealthy in America today.
  • Hate to break it to ya Mr. Prez. SOFA already decides what happens to U.S. troops in Iraq: they leave.
  • Support the troops moment. Funny how that seemed to last the longest so far.
  • Increase number of soldier and marines, expand benefits, and increase pay. Sounds good.
  • Guantanamo closing. Notice he didn’t say where the terrorist prisoners go.
  • No torture. Nobody supported that grotesquery anyway.
  • Avoid escalating protectionism and yet he signed a law that encourages exactly that. Yeah. Sure.
  • They’re called philanthropists, Mr. Obama. Something socialism kills for the sake of state run and controlled programs.
  • Closing: We love America. Kind of stating the obvious there.

So that was Obama. Basically a typical speech. A lot of stuff really doesn’t add up. Big government but fiscal responsibility. Whatever. I’ll believe it when he acts in a true bi-partisianship instead of neo-socialist jackboots or Chicago style dealings.

Repub reaction:

  • Apparently Jindal is responding for the Repubs.
  • Finally someone who gets what bipartisianship means.
  • Small government proponent given what happened during Katrina.
  • Don’t raise taxes.
  • Empower American people.
  • Pork projects in Stimulus Law. Heh.
  • Energy prices down through efficiency, oil, nuclear, alternate fuels. A more balanced approach to make use of all resources.
  • Universal access to health care supported. Government run universal healthcare opposed.
  • Charter schools. Well there might be some agreement with Obama and Dems there.
  • Strong ethics laws. Transparency.
  • Oppose cutting military. Which is wrong in a time of war. Duh.
  • Well at least Jindal spoke to the people, not over the people. A lot of previous Repub responses haven’t done that.

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