Space News 24 Feb 2009

Nearly 9 out of 10 Americans See Value in America’s Space Program

It’s actually refreshing to see that most Americans value the space program in some manner. It bodes well for space exploration in that regards. Not so great is teh fact that so many people still overestimate NASA’s budget. But another plus is hpw many support the U.S. trying to retain being the world leader in space exploration. The article is slightly misleading in presenting the aerospace industry as thriving, which in some aspects it is. The problem is the article ignores the fact that aerospace job losses and reduction have been high since the economy started to turn sour.

NASA’s global warming satellite falls to Earth –

Definitely a blow for mapping carbon dioxide levels especially as it could potentially hinder future satellites intended to study potential climate change, information that could held determine the truth or falsity of climate change.

DPRK prepares to test-fire satellite

Interesting given current tensions on the Korean peninsula and the region in general. Given DPRK’s previous actions I’m more in line with those thinking this is just  a cover for a long range missile test than an actual civilian use space launch.


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