Arizona 2010 Citizen Initiatives

I checked to see what initiatives have been started in the hopes of being on the 2010 ballot.

Initiatives gathering signatures (my comment in italics):

  1. Arizona Save Our Secret Ballot (2010) – This initiative is a state constitutional amendment to help protect the Arizona Constitution’s right to work status of the state. In effect, its goal is to protect the right to secret ballot in federal, state, and union representation. Comment: The initiative is obviously a response to union and Federal Government attempts to usurp citizens and state’s rights with the push for Card Check. I wholehearted support this initiative and hope that it gains enough signatures to be on the ballot. If secret ballots are good enough to elect our government officials it’s good enough for unions.
  2. Yes for Arizona Civil Partnerships – This initiative is a state constitutional amendment to grant same-sex couples the right to enter into civil partnerships that convey the legal rights of marriage. Comment: I support this measure, though I suspect the religious bigots will oppose it as a “threat to marriage” even though it clearly states it is for recognition of civil partnerships. Perhaps the only thing I would like them to change is to include civil partnerships for heterosexual couples as the current city of Phoenix civil partnership law does.
  3. Arizona Limit Photo Radar – This initiative intends to limit the use of photo radar for issuing traffic tickets unless vehicles exceed twenty miles per hour above the posted speed limit. Comment: Oppose it simply on the grounds that it denies the accused the right to challenge their accuser in court. While speeding is a problem, subverting the right to face your accuser is not the solution to the problem. If the governing bodies were to have individuals available for court procedures involving these tickets then I would have no problem with ith. The initiative has competition with another initiative, #4.
  4. Arizona Citizens Against Photo Radar (2010) – This initiative would prohibit the issuance of traffic citations for alleged violations that are detected through the use of photo radar. Comment: I would support this initiative except the the wording could be used to encompass a multitude of violations that do need to be cited. Tighten up the legal phrasing and I’d likely support it.
  5. Mandatory Enforcement by the People – A state constitutional amendment that states that Arizona constitution is “the supreme law of the land and the people, by the initiative power, shall the right to enact all laws necessary for the enforcement of this section.” Comment: I’m guess this is in response by recent attempt by the Legislature to override ballots and laws passed by the people of Arizona. I’m undecided on this one due to lack of information/explanations for the measure.
  6. Centennial Committee – A state constitutional amendment that “eliminates state discrimination” relating to “the right of due process for all citizens of this state”. Comment: Seems like a frivolous, unneeded amendment given there are already protections in place for citizens. I’m neutral on this until I learn more.
  7. Concerned Citizens for the Constitution – A recall effort against John McCain for supposedly inciting racial bigotry, approving torture, and opposing the New GI Bill for soldiers. Comment: Against it. Obviously these losers are from a parallel universe as McCain made it clear he’s against racial bigotry, his adamantly opposed to torture (being a victim of torture himself) and is within his right to oppose a bill he feels is not in the best interest of Americans. I suspect the man behind this initiative is the same one arrested in Iraq a number of years ago (sometime in 2005 IIRC) while deployed with the Arizona National Guard on the ground of potentially violating operational security. Said individual ended up demoted to PFC, forfeiture of pay, and some extra duty. Sounds like he’s just grinding an axe over being held responsible for his own actions. You joing the military, you follow military rules and regulations. I know plenty of military personnel who made their anti-war views known without getting themselves brought up on charges.

This weekends event (which I do not support):

Stop the Raids protest march to take place at 9:00 am on 29 Feb 2009 at Steele Indian School Park. The purpose is to protest Sheriff Arpaio’s raids on illegals in Maricopa County and placing illegals in MCSO’s tent city.

Ironically enough, Sheriff Arpaio recently raided a house and discovered illegals that appear to have been tortured. Funny how the protesters ignore that ugly truth about illegal immigration/human trafficking going on in Arizona.


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