Weapons ban, budget, and a trip out to the fringe

All right I did say I was going to cut back on political posts. Guess what? I can’t. I care too much about what’s happening in this country to let things pass without comment, especially those things that can negatively and unfairly impact the American public. I’ll just try to return to my less venemous and more snarky commentary.

ABC News: Obama to Seek New Assault Weapons Ban

So the MSM suddenly feels the need to report on a story they’ve been ignoring. But then they continue to ignore the even more insidious HR45 which in effect treats law abiding gun owners worse than sexual predators.

Of course I love all the new excuses used by the unelected wanna-be dictators of D.C. (like Holder) to justify their attempt to strip away rights of Americans. Now it’s to “protect” the incompetent and rampantly corrupt military, police, and government in Mexico. Mexico can’t have it both ways: wanting El Norte (the United States) to stay out of their affairs but then expect El Norte to help them deal with their internal problems.

Probably most amusing, and not mentioned once in the article, is that gun sales are skyrocketing across the country. Take that however you will. Pendejos.

Obama Budget

I’m not too impressed with what admittedly little amount I’ve read about. I’m sure there’s things in there I’ll like. Somewhere. Out there. Maybe.

In some cases, I’m just shaking my head at the ridiculousness of it all, especially the questionable way in which Obama & Co come up with numbers based on equally questionable and highly unlikely assumptions. It’s tax-and-spend, baby!

Among the things I shake my head at:

  • Raise income taxes to on couples making more than $250,000 a year starting in 2011. You know, the “rich”. Better get “rich” beforehand or suffer the consequences of daring to work hard and be successful.
  • The so called “reserve fund” for health care that doesn’t actually have any recognizable source of funding aside from, you guessed it, taxes. Well Bush Sr brought us “Voodoo Economics”, I guess Obama will bring us “Voodoo Healthcare”.
  • Energy tax hike. Right. Just cripple American energy and productivity. Nice job.
  • Cost of living increase for troops. Normally I would say that’s great except that the increase this time around is actually less than pevious ones given. Screwing over the troops as I see it.
  • An increased fee for air travel for each leg of a trip. Why slam the struggling airline (and indirectly aerospace) industry(-ies) while they are already struggling. Why slam the consumer for that matter? Oh, that’s right, only the plaebians need suffer economic harship in America.
  • Great. The Cap-and-Trade mumbo jumbo. Auctioning carbon to polluters. Actually auctioning of people’s health and quality of life and the health and quality of life of future generations to greedy profiteers that are hijacking the true environmentalist movement. Way to ignore and promote the destruction of the environment rather than actually, I don’t know, work on a genuine solution to environmental problems. Look at cap-and-trade failures in Europe.
  • Fiscal irresponsibility by anticipating spending at 22% of GDP after the recession is over. Hardly reducing government spending that.

Trippin’ the Fringe

This gets put into the strange and puzzling category for me. Sure all political parties have their razy supports but this one…? Well, read on.

Ran across chilling goings on reminiscent of Nazi Germany, Stalinist Russia, and McCarthyist America: Obama Forum: The Scary Tactics to Quash Obama Dissent « Just Americans Making Ethical Statements Weblog

Honestly I thought the site was a joke or parody of some sort at first, but it seems serious. Hard to say given the content. If it’s not then it’s a group of seriously disturbed individuals that feel it’s appropriate to montinor “anti-Obama sentiment” of co-workers, peers, and to encourage children, yes children, to report their parents.

If nothing else they get my nod as one of the oddest political forums.


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