Protest Day

In this case, today’s protest is March4Schools! This group is against the proposed budget cuts to education in Arizona to help bring the budget under control. While I agree education should be looked at after other areas of the budget have been trimmed, I’m not crying a river over the corrupt school system losing money during the state budget crisis either.

So they’ll have 50 kids to a class? Boohoo. It was done in the past, with better success in educating and graduating kids than these supposedly improved smaller classes. Maybe they’ll actually have to teach instead of use the internet as a babysitter, stop sending the kids to watch “nature” films at the IMAX theaters every week, end de facto all child day care and make parents pay a daycare center just like previous generations had to do, end leftist political indoctrination, and most of all get rid of the incompetent, overpaid education supervisors.

What should be demanded is genuine reform in the Arizona education system not only on the government side but on the part of the useless teachers union that has bamboozled and blackmailed the public for decades. I remember well being suckered as a kid to harass my mom and other parents with claims of cuts if such and such bill/budget override/citizens initiative/et. al. didn’t get passed. And every single time, guess what? The programs were cut anyway.

For them to whine now earns no sympathy or support from me. There is a budget crisis that must be dealt with and if it means even education takes a hit along with other programs then that is the way it has to be. It’s not pretty and it hurts, but it must be done for the betterment of all in the long run. The days of wild spending are over and unfortunately the kids are going to pay for their parents mistakes for the foreseeable future. The kids are the real losers in all this.


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