Arizona newsbits

Still glad that Arizona doesn’t waste time and effort with the weekend Daylight Savings Time garbage most of the country has been suckered into following.

How to ensure you turnt he voters against you. Simple: Sonoran Alliance » Don’t Let $tupid Voter$ Decide Funny how when the citizenry vote the way those in power approve of they are intelligent and well informed. The instant they might vote against what those in power want they are suddenly uninformed and stupid.

Amusing quote of the day: “You are now leaving Arizona. Welcome to the Socialist States of Barackistan.” (A friend commenting on driving from Phoenix, AZ to Los Angeles, CA. He says he got the Barckistan part from somewhere on the ‘net.)

Ongoing corruption in Arizona: Sonoran Alliance » Mainstream Arizona still not following the law? I wish I could say I’m surprised, but I’m not. I have little regard for the Clean Elections Commission and even less AG Goddard ensuring Arizona laws are enforced uniformly. Both have become corrupted neyond help, IMO.

An interesting story: Arizona’s Constitution VS. Illegal Aliens, The Case of Robert Barnett « Justmytruth’s Weblog I hope Mr Barnett wins an appeal and along with it reaffirms Arizona’s laws and landowner’s rights.

High court keeps state ballot rules | So this seems to leave everyone in AZ a bit in limbo given Arizona’s recent declaration of sovereignty. Likely the ruling will be ignored or the law rewritten to re-establish electoral protections in the state. That aside, I think it’s inane to say non-residents of a State should be allowed to be involved in the state election process (e.g. collecting signatures for a candidate). That path leads to corruption of the democratic system. I do agree on the part where it is unfair and egregious to demand independent candidates be registered so far ahead of the Democrat and Republican party candidates. To be equitable all candidates should have to be registered by the same date, no preferences given to any political party or affiliate.


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