Az gun running charges thrown out

Despite the Obama DoJ attempt to deceive Americans into giving up their rights, the judicial system is keeping them accountable: Arizona judge dismisses charges in gunrunning case | Reuters.

In general, I see the recent anti-gun campaign using Mexico’s problems as an feeble attempt by the Obama DoJ to do a couple of things: intimidate gun dealers and demonize lawful gunowners in the United States. Both approaches have the same purpose: to convince the American public to acquiesce to their right to bear arms being stripped away to secure not only America but other nations as well. Apparently Obama’s DoJ believes in order to be protected and secure Americans must give up their rights. Sound familiar, мои друзья?

The other alternative to intentional intimidation and misrepresentation by the DoJ is the thought that the DoJ is now run by the truly incompetent. I’m not sure which I’m more concerned about in the DoJ: tyranny or incompetence. Neither is very reassuring.


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