Gunsmoke and Broken Mirrors

I’ve been quietly watching over the last few days as the U.S. government ramps up its propaganda campaign to justify violating 2nd Amendment rights of American citizens. This time it isn’t about protecting Americans. No, the Obama administration has decided to self appoint Del Norte as protector of Mexico by having Eric Holder blame American gun owners for Mexico’s woes. Curious how President G.W. Bush was reviled by many for trying to be the “world’s policeman” and yet Obama and Holder now want to do the very same activity starting with Mexico.

In actuality this a thinly veiled attempt to dupe Americans into stripping away their rights. The anti-gun crowd can’t find a legitimate reason to do so within the United States or are just too lazy to go an look. Instead they decide to export their agenda to justify usurping rights for Americans based on the events occuring in another nation supported by allegations they can not back up when pressed to provide evidence. It also conveniently allows the DOJ, DHS, Border Patrol and Obama himself to ignore the continued and growing problem along the westen border to continue their appeasement of illegal alien supporters by implying all of Mexico’s problems are the sole responsibility of the United States and her law abiding citizenry.

Unsurprisingly, the American MSM just parrots our own corrupt government officials without even a hint of independent investigation or thought. does an excellent job of noting such failures in the media, even in such respected institutions like the Wall Street Journal: » WSJ gets in on US guns in Mexico meme.

Naturally, the corrupt government of Mexico goes along with this because Del Norte intends to give them more than $1 billion to keep their ongoing war on drugs continuing and it conveniently allows the weak Mexican government to distract Mexico’s citizens from the truth: their own corruption. It also allows Mexico to proclaim themselves to be hombres to Central and South America. Weapons that are often acquired on the international market (legal and otherwise) before finding their way into the hands of the narco-traffickers. DoJ claims otherwise are suspicious at best given the strict regulations imposed on gun shop owners.

So blow away the gunsmoke, America, and break the mirror of lies. Question why the U.S. government feels it more important to treat law abiding Americans like criminals and yet is waffling on doing what is needed to secure the border and reform immigration policies?


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