New Commentary 26 March 2009

Old news: Geithner is a moron who should be fired.

Old news: POTUS went on TV again. I didn’t watch since I had better things to do, like visit struggling family, than listen to more whining about the country’s problems everyone else’s fault and drivel supporting bogus programs from a do-nothing media whore while answering canned questions from the lazy MSM.

Rep Frank says Fed’s emergency power a concern | Politics | Reuters

“I think it does have to be limited at some point, although not in the middle of the crisis,” Frank said.

I’m shocked to say that I agree with Barney Frank on this, inept and corrupt politician that he is. I guess even idiots like him can get something right once in a blue moon.

China tells U.S. to drop Cold War mindset on military | Politics | Reuters

Maybe Obama can make a deal with China. They get out of Tibet, stop oppressing their people, especially the minorities and the opposition, allow freedom of all religions, hold free and open elections and in return the U.S. will drop it’s “Cold War” mindset. Oh wait, that would mean the end of Chinese Communism and threats against Taiwan. Can’t have that now, can we?

Hidden homeless emerge as U.S. economy worsens | U.S. | Reuters

The homeless have always been there. Americans just ignored them or treated them like criminals. Now they can’t ignore them or treat them like criminals because they may end up like them. I hate to break it to those in Sacremento, that tent city has been there for a while. BBC America covered it several weeks before Obama was even elected.

U.S. shares blame for Mexico drug violence, Clinton says –

Meh. Yes there is a drug problem in the U.S. Too bad Clinton’s statements have little to nothing to do with it. Just more government smoke and mirrors to justify attempts at suppressing American citizens rights and interfering in the affairs of our southern neighbor.

Del Norte must “save” Mexico! And then we’re coming to “save” you too, Central and South America! /sarcasm 

Unfortunately it really isn’t all that funny if the U.S. government tries to use the so called War on Drugs as an excuse to go after other nations in the Western hemisphere. Sounds familiar, no?


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