Corruption Driving Policy

So the big news of the day is the GM/Obama wrangling over how to save the company. I say, yet again, let the company file bankruptcy and try to work things out from there. The Administration’s continued whining about GM being “too big to fail” is a lie. No company is too big to fail, history evidences this fact. There are always new businesses willing and able to move in and take up the slack. If GM refuses bankruptcy then it is probably best for GM to fail and allow smaller independent car companies with new innovations and ideas to enter the market without the hindrance and near monopolization within U.S. borders of the industry by Big 3.

Perhaps disingenuously the President had the gall to make the claim that the government does not want to run GM and yet the government in fact has far too much control of the company now. How else would the government force out GM’s chief out with some $20 million in compensation in order for the company to be restructured? Why is the government continuing to bailout the failed company? Every time the government tries to run a business is fails miserably, and yet those businesses are allowed to run uncontested, unquestioned, and certainly without any consequence for their failed policies and practices. Which “businesses” are these? Amtrack and the U.S. Postal Service.

More importantly, government has no businesses assuring the public that the government will back a company’s warranties. So why is Obama promising this? The government has wasted billions to “save” GM and Chrysler, yet here they are again “needing” more tax payer money. Why does the government continue to throw good money after bad?

I used to think Mr. Obama and his Administration were simply ignorant or misguided in their policies for the economy but now I am certain it is a well calculated intent to destroy American capitalism and American business. Worse is has become patently obvious of the corruption running rampant in Washington, both inside and outside of the Administration. Case in point is the news of Chris Dodd’s campaign contributions from AIG and it’s employees. Contributions encouraged when Dodd would be in a position that could benefit AIG. In fact AIG did finally benefit from Dodd in the recent TARP and simulus bills.

Gun Notes

More evidence of the falsehood of illegal gun sales in the United States being the primary reason for Mexico’s narco-related problems:
Legal U.S. Arms Exports May Be Source of Narco Syndicates’ Rising Firepower | | the narcosphere The article is an interesting read on not only the current chaos in Mexico but a little of its origin, the political policies and the corruption that led Mexico and the U.S. to this current state of affairs. I suggest the President and all the gun restrictors using lies and falsehoods to push their political agenda, you might want to resonsider their allegations against innocent American citizens exerting their constitutional rights.


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