European Tour and Budget

Some rambling thoughts on Obama’s EU tour and the U.S. budget.

President Obama’s visit to Europe has been a mixed bag of results. As expected the G20 really accomplished nothing, aside from a lot of useless bluster, some minor side agreements, a lot of protests, and a pathetic pseudo-threat by French President Sarkozy.

Back home, the $3.5 trillion dollar budget passed in the House and Senate, without a single GOP vote. And rightly so given the ridiculous neo-socialist and statist agenda involved in both versions. Among these policies that will cripple future generations of Americans with unsustainable policies and increasing debt: national health care, climate change bill (e.g. cap-and-trade), education law (most likely to subvert State education systems)

So back in Europe we find that, like here in America, Barack Obama is not as popular as he once was. While the Europeans appreciated President Obama’s calls for a world free of nuclear weapons, more pro-environmental agenda, and ending the Terror War they were obviousy not pleased at being chastised for the needless rampant anti-Americanism and lack of will in dealing with extremism in Europe that nothing to do with the aforementioned issues. Without Iraq as an issue to rally around, much of Europe’s anti-Americanism is being revealed for what it really is: unease and frustration over the shift in world political power and policy to former colonial subjects like the United States and emerging powers like China.

Obama is correct in noting the the United States and Europe both have dismissive of one another for decades now. But as, also noted by the President, chage can not only be on the American side. The Europeans must change as well. The EU needs to shed their insular mindsets, imperialistic statist legal and economic agendas, left over colonial worldview of European supremacy, and foster a genuine security arrangement for themselves and their allies if they truly desire the multipolar world the EU claims in needed. Doing so would go far in healing resentments between the EU and its allies who feel they are used  as a mercenary power in a time of crisis and then ignored when the EU is called on for reciprocity.


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