Two Blowhards: Arpaio vs. Sharpton

It appears we’re about to have a rumble in the desert between two blowhards: Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio and Rev. Al Sharpton. My money is on the Sheriff, though they’re about equal in the blowhard, obnoxious gas bag category.

Arpaio calls resignation demands ‘ridiculous’

“You’ve got this small group of people trying to intimidate me, asking me to resign, which is ridiculous,” Arpaio said.

He said Sharpton “is living in fantasy land. He’ll resign before I resign. I’m not resigning, I guarantee you.”

Heh. Sure Arpaio is a media whore, but at least MCSO gets things done that the rest of our corrupt government (especially Washington DC) won’t do: uphold U.S. law. That alone is enough for me to support Arpaio. If he screws up and breaks the law, he’ll be taken down accordingly.

ACORN and Sharpton, on the other hand, are jokes in their own right. Even the local activists don’t want these idiots interfering in Arizona. Typical elitist making demands without a clue of what’s really happening in the state. Besides, I suggest ACORN mind its own house given the investigations against them. But then both groups can’t stand it that their agenda is negated by Obama’s own claims of a post-racial era in America. If they can’t scream racism at every shadow or slight (real or imagined), they have no purpose for themselves. So instead of dealing with genuine race issues in America they choose to harass people who enforce the laws of the United States.


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